Monday, 7 April 2014

A Game of Concentration.... A Bird's Eye....

A Bird's eye is the Game of Concentration..

Monday, 30 September 2013

The App world for PCs and Laptops

As you all know this is the smart phone and app era i.e. the devices are are becoming smaller and for every thing you can have an app. Earlier the term used was the software but now with the modernization of technologies, the Laptops and PCs have been converted to Tablets and Smart Phones and so does the word software has modified itself to app. 

You often use Tablets and Smart Phones and if you need any kind of software you go to the App Store to find the App. This is the app generation and in the coming times the software will be totally overcome by the word App. But when we install something in our computers we do not call the Apps, still we call the same word i.e. software. What if you got the same type of environment for your desktops and laptops? I cant say about the older age groups but for sure the younger generation will like that. 

Chrome has introduced a "Chrome App Launcher" whose environment is similar to the one which we often use in mobiles and tablets. The Google is providing you "Platform as a Service (PaaS)" in the form of Chrome, in which they are now integrating every possible thing that a person could need online at one place. The Google persons know that people are fond of Apps so they introduced the App Store for Chrome. You can easily install any app by just clicking on the icon. You need not to arrange the setup and make it safe with you for future use. This is because Google has got the hold of Apps over the Mobile segment and this is one way to get the hold of Desktop users who like to use the Apps. 

So do try the Chrome App Launcher. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Treasure Web Content you like at one place - "The Evernote"

We all are web visitors and tends to visit the informative web pages very often and obviously when we visit the informative web pages we always in the greed of copying the nice content for our future use or for the educational purpose. Each one of us saves the content from the web pages according to our priorities. This was the old methodology to save the content from the web. 

Suppose you have saved some content into your computer and you are somewhere outside where you need to have a reference of that but unfortunately you do not have internet and your computer then what will you do? You are lost!!!!

For these kinds of problems, an innovative mind has created "evernote". It is a software for the windows and Mac and application for android, ios and window phones. Mean to simply say that it is a platform independent application that you can use any where and any time. 

This is an application which works offline as well as online in which you can save your important text notes, web content, photos, audio note, video note, pdfs and any other sort of documents. When you input the data into evernote it saves the data on the local system and when you connect it to the internet your data gets sync with your online account. For this you need to have an evernote id that is free of cost but for just 60 Mb of data. If you need more data you have to pay but that is also very nominal. Once you have synced your account your data is available on all the devices to which you have installed evernote. In addition to that evernote also provides browsers plugin by the name web clipper which can clip the content of the web you want and you need not to copy and paste the data it automatically clips and save the data, you just have to select the data. In this way you can efficiently manage the web content that you need. 

Evernote also gives you a unique email id with every account so that you can mail the content to any one from within the evernote. You can also share the content privately with in the evernote with other members registered on the evernote.  

Friday, 20 September 2013

Climb the Cloud

These days you all must be listening/reading about the Cloud Storage here and there but do you often use cloud computing? I don't think so!!!! Cloud is given the name for this type of computing because clouds are every where, where ever you go in any part of the world. So this is a technology that enables you to store and compute the data on the cloud, it means you can store, retrieve and compute the data any where. 

This technology is based upon the internet because it is available in almost in every part of the world and so does clouds. You can use the internet to store the data online on cloud storage and can use the data any where you need. In this case you need not to save your data on multiple locations, carry pen drives, use external hard drives and the most important benefit of this is that your data gets protected from hard drive and window crashes which is very much common. Moreover, the replication of data also get reduced and you need not to buy many storage medias and keep safe with you. You just need to have a password and that to in your mind.

Many cloud storage services provides you free of cost data storage but a few Gigabytes only. Its simple phenomenon, the more data you need to store the more you pay but still it is one of the cheap and safe mechanism to store the data. The most popular Google what we think is just a search engine give a 15 GB drive with every email id and in spite of that, it gives you computing facility also so that you need not to install basic software on your system. You can create and edit your presentations on the way to a trip with just a smart phone or with a tablet and you need not to have MS Office installed in the device. You can read more about functionality of Google drive here

So guys forget the pen drives and external storage devices and switch on to cloud for better way of storage and safety of data.